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No Surf House is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding the variety of locally available live music, supporting the arts, and building community by furnishing modest-income touring musicians subsidized lodging, providing early-career local artists low-cost housing, and organizing unique performance opportunities.

No Surf House was founded in 2023, but the idea was planted more than a decade earlier when Jason D. ‘Diesel’ Hamad and Alan Pendergrass created No Surf Music, a journalistic website focused on Americana, alt country, and indie rock. Interviewing independent musicians highlighted the importance of affordable, reliable on-the-road accommodations for the physical, mental, and financial well-being of touring artists. While No Surf Music shuttered during the pandemic, Hamad and Pendergrass realized that post-pandemic touring conditions only heightened the needs of such artists, and the two teamed up again on this new project.

No Surf House believes in art for artists’ sake and that creatives deserve a sustainable living like any other workers. We believe the best way to support art is to support artists. We believe in building a community for artists and integrating it into the local community so that each can support and enrich the other.

No Surf House provides modest-income touring musicians with subsidized lodging through our Home on the Road Program. We also plan to provide early-career local artists with low-cost housing via our Artist in Residence Program beginning in 2025. We also organize unique musical events and festivals.

The name “No Surf” comes from the Euclid Beach Band’s 1978 regional hit “There’s No Surf in Cleveland,” a metatextual surf rock masterpiece about the lack of North Coast boarding opportunities.

No Surf House has recently purchased a facility in Cleveland, Ohio from which we can provide our services. We have renovated much of the beautiful three-story house built in 1915 and have begun operations of the Home on the Road Program starting in May 2024. Click here to take a video tour of the building with Executive Director Jason D. ‘Diesel’ Hamad.

No Surf House is excited to present the Summer Songwriters Series at the Old Church on the Green in Hudson, Ohio! This series will run from May to August and will feature four nationally touring songwriters Christopher Paul Stelling, Jennifer Westwood, Danni Nicholls, and Alice Wallace. Each show will also feature a local opener and beer from HiHO Brewing Co.! Go to our Events page and learn more!

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